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Available Sales & Promotions
June 3-17, 2022


Take advantage of these 2022 Spring Trade Show offers & promotions from our vendors below.

Did you miss our trade show but want to get some of the deals that we were offering? No problem! We are going to give you 2 weeks to enjoy these promotions!  Even if you made it to the show and would like to add more items to your order, please do so here! Our amazing vendors from our 2022 Spring Trade Show are pleased to provide you with these great show deals, promotions and offers.

Purchase requirements, effective dates and delivery dates will depend on each vendor.

The process is easy:

Visit the link for "Online Order Request" - Choose vendors and deals that you are interested in, provide your store numbers (s) and contact information and the vendor(s) will get in touch with you directly to take your order. This way, they can work with you on your order to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for! 


Note: You only need to fill the form out one time and we will direct your request to the proper sales people to contact you to get your orders submitted with the show deals.

Our online portal will be open until June 17.

Sales Sheets:
You can download each individually below or download all sales sheets combined by clicking here.


Spring Trade Show Offers


Big Ideas Marketing

Our pre-book deals are out of this world!

  • Guarantee Sale Programs

  • 3ft Summer Toy Set

  • 3ft Summer Toy and Novelty Candy Set

  • Bluetooth Earphones - 50% GP!

Click Here to Download the Big Ideas Marketing Sales Sheet


Blue Triton Brands

Our pre-book deals are out of this world!

  • Ice Mountain 20oz, 700ml, 6packs - Buy two, get one

  • Ice Mountain 1L, Buy ten, get two

  • Ice Mountain 1.5L, Buy four, get one

Click Here to Download the Blue Triton Sales Sheet


Coca Cola

Free Six Flags Tickets and $25 Gift Cards - Purchase 1 case of all packages on the sales sheet AND activate the Summer Innovation shipper (June 29-Sept 6) - Receive 4 Tickets to Six Flags and a $25 Gift Card!

Click Here to Download the Coca Cola Sales Sheet



Instant hydration. Its unique formula, great taste and variety of flavors has positioned the product as the preferred premium hydration beverage for children and adults.

  • Free Fill 7/4 FOD

Click Here to Download the Electrolit Sales Sheet



Current Opt-in Opportunities

  • Heineken 12pk Mix/Match 5cs QD (CBS)

  • Dos Equis Lime and Salt 24z Opt-in

  • Dos Equis RTD Distribution Opt-in

  • IRC Available

Click Here to Download the Heineken Sales Sheet


IMS Cleaning

Industrial Maintence Services (IMS) Partners with 7-Eleven

  • Only $612 (Plus travel) for a full day of cleaning (8 hours, 3 team members)

  • View all cleaning offerings and set up your spring cleaning today!

Click Here to Download the IMS Sales Sheet

in motion design.jpg

In Motion Design

Order one case of our 100% guaranteed Summer Water Toys, decide whether you would like to receive one case of Flower Unicorns or one case of Flower Animals!

  • Special Chillmeister BOGO offer as well

Click Here to Download the In Motion Design Sales Sheet



Special Take Home Bundle Deal

  • Double Stuf OREO - 20% Off

  • Golden OREO - 20% Off

  • Chips Ahoy - 20% Off

  • Nabiso Honey Maid - 20% Off

Click Here to Download the Mondelez Sales Sheet


Mynd Drinks

Mynd Drinks are a wellness and recovery brand. Focusing on great tasting and functional beverages that are 100% plant based.

  • $4 per case discount - $28.50 sale price (40% margin)

Click Here to Download the Mynd Drinks Sales Sheet



We Are NAPJITSU - A revolutionary energy supplement that unlocks peak performance, focus and energy with all-natural caffiene, nootropics and adaptogens.

  • Buy one case, get one free!

  • Buy 5 cases and get a free wire rack for merchandising!

Click Here to Download the Napjitsu Drinks Sales Sheet


Rowdy Energy

Rowdy Energy is a natural, healthy energy drink. Formulated using functional ingredients. You need an Energy Drink that will keep you focused and driven throughout the day. Packed with Electrolytes.

  • Buy five, get a $25 Gift Card Through The Alliance

Click Here to Download the Rowdy Energy Sales Sheet



Special offers on Mamba and Werther's Originals varieties.

  • $4 McLane OI or $5 McLane OI

Click Here to Download the Storck Energy Sales Sheet


Stratus Group (KOE & Perfect Hydration)


KOE Organic Kombucha, New Item - 3 Flavors and tastes amazing!

Perfect Hydration Water - Full of Electrolytes.

  • 3 Case Deal on KOE Organic Kombucha

  • 5 Case Deal on Perfect Hydration Water 1ltr

Click Here to Download the Koe & Perfect Hydration Sales Sheets




Better for you premium energy drink. Balanced energy for clarity and focus. Our energy drinks are formulated to help promote clarity and focus.

  • Buy 3, Get 1 Free

  • Buy 5, Get 2 Free

  • The More you Buy, the more you get FREE!

Click Here to Download the Uptime Sales Sheet


Vita Coco


Refreshing and jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes. Our coconut water helps keep your body hydrated so you feel your best.

  • Buy 3, Get 1 Free (Deal must include all 3 flavors)

Click Here to Download the Vita Coco Sales Sheet

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