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Thank you for being a part of our 2022 Spring Trade Show! We look forward to hosting a successful (and fun) event for everyone involved. Here are trade show details and event updates. Please take a moment to read this information to make sure you are fully informed of the event details. Once we add any additional details, we will place that notice here in our updates section and you can scroll to the appropriate section for new information.

Event Updates​ 


6/1: If any vendors have any swag for the grab bags, drop them off at the registration booth before 2pm so we can add them to the bags! See you all tomorrow!


5/24: Load in details and map of hotel added below. Please be sure to pay attention to the details listed.

5/23: Hurry! Send us your swag and prizes so we receive them in time!

5/17: Send us your swag and prizes asap so we can get them in time for the event! Delivery address and details below.

5/16: Do you want us to promote your trade show involvement to our franchisees? Send us an ad and we'll include it in our email - Details below!

5/2: We have secured a DJ for our event to help keep the event lively, announce sponsors and conduct raffles throughout the event. Do you have anything specific you would like our DJ to announce? Let us know and we'll make sure to add it to our announcement schedule.

4/30: The early bird booth special is now complete and vendors have saved over $7,500 by signing up and reserving space early! Thank you so much!

location & load-in

The Alliance 2022 Spring Trade show will be at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in the Nirvana Ballroom.


Address: 1551 Thoreau Drive N, Schaumburg, IL 60173
Arrive through door 17 which is located behind the hotel. There will be a dockmaster there to let you in.

Click here to see - map of hotel and entrance door for load in:

Call us at 847.949.0097 or 630.222.8382 if you have any issues when arriving.

Load In/Set Up: Load and set up of your booth can begin no earlier than 12 pm. When you arrive, go to the check-in table and we will confirm your arrival and let you know where you are in the trade show room.  We would like all vendors to be set up and ready to go by 3 pm. 

Parking: There is no charge for parking at this hotel/convention center.

Overnight Accommodations: If you plan to stay overnight and book a hotel, there are many nearby hotels that offer great rates for the date of the event. Here are a few options that are just a few minutes drive/uber from the event.

Hyatt Place Schaumburg
($139 per night, 3 minute drive/uber), 1851 McConnor Parkway, Schaumburg, IL, 60173

Hotels.com link for Hyatt Place

Wyndham Garden Schaumburg

($85 per night, 1 minute drive/uber), 1401 North Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL, 60195

Hotels.com link for Wyndham Garden

deliveries to event

This information is for anyone having product delivered directly to the hotel for the event. If you're local, you're probably arriving with your own products, but for out-of-towners, here is the information for deliveries.  Note: this is not for swag bag items or prizes that are being shipped prior to event. Those can be delivered to the address listed in swag bag section of this page.


Important: Please be sure that any product is scheduled to be delivered between May 31st and June 2nd. Deliveries that arrive before May 31st will be subject to a storage fee and this will be the responsibility of the vendor.

Delivery Info

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center

Attn: Alliance of 7-Eleven Franchisees 5/3 Trade Show - Nirvana Ballroom

1551 Thoreau Drive N, Schaumburg, IL 60173

swag bag items & prizes

If you are planning to send any swag bag items, branded items or prizes, please send these ASAP to the address listed below. These items can start shipping immediately but must arrive no later than June 1st.

If you want to be in the swag bag, please ship out the items immediately.

How Many Swag Bags?: We will be making between 75-100 swag bags, so please be sure to include  a minimum of 75 items. If you have multiple items, great, we will use them!

What Can We Send for Swag? People love free stuff and we wanted to incentivize our franchisees to register and arrive early to get their swag bags. Swag ideas: Samples, branded items, t-shirts, koozies, bags, the possibilities are endless!

Have a Cool Prize? We'll be hosting raffles throughout our event.If you

have a prize, go ahead and ship it over and we'll make a franchisee very happy

when they win! You can also bring prizes with you to the event and just let us

know when you arrive that you have prizes for us to use.

Delivery Address

Blue Bot Advertising (Miguel Ortuno)

109 Fairfield Way, Suite 106E

Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Let us know: Please email miguel@alliance711.com if you are

planning on sending something so we know what to expect.



Payment for booths and all sponsorships must be completed by May 25th. If you have an questions about this please contact Toni immediately to discuss further. We will be sending out invoices and also provide any paperwork (w9, etc) that you may need for payment.

pre-show promotions

Sponsors! We need this from you!

Banner Ad in our Member Emails
We are actively reaching out to our members and all Chicagoland franchisees to let them know about our show and your involvement.  Although we are including your logos in our emails, as per our sponsorship agreement, we did offer you 2 banner ad placements in our member emails. So if you can provide a banner ad (600pixel wide by 100 pixels high) then we will gladly use them in our next few emails.  If you cannot, no worries,we will still include your logos in all of our correspondence to franchiees regarding the show. Please send these banner ads by Friday 5/20 to miguel@alliance711.com, thank you.

Whatsapp Mention
Let us know what you want us to mention to our franchisees on our group whatsapp page. A 1-2 sentence description of why they should come visit YOUR booth at the Spring Trade Show! If you have an image that you want us to use with your mention, please send it (No sales sheets for these) Just an exciting image or product image and 1-2 sentences getting franchisees to come visit YOUR booth at the trade show!

prizes every hour...

We'll be giving away prizes every hour on the hour so yes... we need some amazing prizes from our vendor sponsors to give away.

  • Prize Packs

  • Amazing Branded Items (I.e. Coolers, Apparel, etc)

  • Gift Cards

  • Product Sample Sets

  • We're open to any ideas for prizes you may have! Send them ot the address above under the Swag Bag section or bring them with you to the event!

the after show...

Sales Continue for 2 Weeks After

We understand that sometimes not all franchisees can attend the show, so we have created an opportunity for everyone to continue purchases for two weeks after the show! This way you get the guaranteed minimum 30 sales at the event but you could also get endless sales afterward. More sales = Happy Vendors! We will be in touch with you shortly to get your information for the online sales part of our promotion.

Thank you from the alliance...


Thank you so much for being a part of our event. We look forward to working together with you to make this a successful and exciting event for you and our franchisees. We are looking to create many opportunities for all vendors (old and new) to promote your products and specials to our members and all franchisees in the Chicagoland area.


Rehan Hashmi

Alliance of 7-11 Franchisees



The 2022 Spring Trade Show is proudly presented by:


event supporters

contact us.

Want to chat with us? Contact Toni Antonetti, Rehan Hashmi or Miguel Ortuno at the Alliance of 7-Eleven Franchisees/PR Chicago and we'll gladly answer any questions that you have.

Toni Antonettie: 847.949.0097 | alliance711franchisees@gmail.com

Rehan Hashmi: 847.845.8477 | Rehan711@yahoo.com

Miguel Ortuno: 630.222.8382 | miguel@alliance711.com