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join the alliance today!

Membership enables franchisees to attend all annual events free of charge. You will also be able to attend Alliance quarterly board meetings, which allow you to get expert advice and counsel on store operations and profitability from experienced multiple-store owners.

membership is open to all            7-eleven franchisees in the chicago area, northwest indiana and southeastern wisconsin.

Great events

Meet vendors and franchisee colleagues at our 2022 events! Benefit from amazing show deals, profitable promotions, giveaways, educational seminars and networking opportunities at our Spring Trade Expo and at our Holiday Showcase.

Modern Conference Room

Alliance Board Meetings

All Alliance members are welcome at our quarterly meetings. Learn about important profitability and operational issues that can impact your stores. The Alliance works with other FOAs and with the NCASEF, the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees to build channels of communications with the national organization.

In Meeting

Expert Counsel

All members of the Alliance six-member Board of Directors have many years of franchise experience, and most run more than one store. We are happy to answer questions and assist you in getting your store running smoothly -- and profitably! 

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